Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 83 – Take Stock – Start AFRESH


A happy New Year to you!  The end of a year is the time to take stock, to review the past year, erase old habits and begin new ones.

            Have a break and return to work fresh, full of vigour and new ideas. Start afresh!

            Set your sights high this coming year and never allow past experiences to prevent you achieving great thing. It’s just amazing what you can achieve if you plan well and believe you can do things.

The five best tips for making 2019 an achieving year

* Clear up your clutter and start afresh

            Arrive back at your workplace fresh, full of vigour and full of new ideas.

            Get yourself organised.

            Be ruthless! Clean up the clutter from your past. Dispose of things you don’t need. Clean up your computer files. Get cracking!         

* Make realistic plans

            One of the great pleasures in life is doing what others say you cannot do so make fresh plans. What are you planning to do this year? (Put your goals in writing and keep them handy where you can refer to them often.)

            Aim high – aim for self-improvement.

            Sometimes the greatest achievements come from the biggest challenges. If a challenge seems over whelming, break it down into achievable parts. Set deadlines and attempt one task at a time. Reward yourself when you reach a  goal.

            “People who begin many things finish few.”

* Set your priorities

            Take control of your time. Decide what things are really important and ration your time accordingly.

            Life is too short to waste time on trivia.

            You can achieve great things if you aren’t too busy doing little things.

            Don’t become a slave to others. Set your own priorities and learn to decline tasks. When people ask you to do too many things say ; “No!,  Sorry I am too busy at the moment.”

* Learn new skills

            The business world is dynamic. Resolve to keep up with new developments in your work place or you will be left behind.

            Aim to keep improving all your communication skills. If you are a skilled communicator you are more likely to get your ideas accepted.

            Qualifications and new skills are easy to carry around and could lead to new opportunities.

* Become an achiever

            People judge others by what they have achieved.

            Earn a reputation  for meeting deadlines and getting jobs done well. They may doubt what you say but not what you have done.

            You can achieve anything you want – if you help enough people get what they want.

            Always try to treat others the way you would like to be treated. This is the golden rule for success in life.

Geoffrey Moss

“This year try making every day a day of achievement.”

Our New Year gifts to you are copies of “The Daily Tonic, for people who want to succeed” and a copy of “Rolling On, work adventures in many lands.”

            “The Daily Tonic” is your daily checklist for success. 366 golden quotes. One for each day. They are inspirational, motivational, thought-provoking and they are both free!  They are available on-line from

            May 2019 be a good year for you.

Rolling On Cover


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