Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 86 – Achieving your GOALS

Achieving your GOALS

Isolate yourself from noise and people and make plans. What would you like to achieve this year? Is it realistic?

          An action plan is a step by step approach to achieve a goal or goals. Ideally it should state simply, who does what by when.

          A goal is the end result of a plan and should be stated in terms that can be measured. 

Five of the best tips to achieve your goals this year

* Set your goals

          Your goals should be simple and realistic and measurable.

          Do not attempt too many things at one time. 

* List actions needed in a logical order

          Make a list of all the things that need to be done.

          Which ones needs to be done first?

          Next, aim to attack them step by step.     

* Prepare a time line

          Estimate the time required for each step and indicate when they should be completed.

* Your plan

          Make your plan dynamic. Make big plans, little plans excite no one.

          Never forget a business whose only goal is profit is a poor kind of business. You need to give a worthwhile service.

          You are more likely to succeed with a written plan. Write down, what you want to achieve. “This year I will set up my own business.” “This year I will buy a house.”

          Try to identify possible problems. Be prepared to consider alternatives if changes are necessary, but be flexible.

* Get started

          Who will do what by when?

          How will I know when it is done?

          Action makes more fortunes than caution.

          “No goals – no glory!”

-Geoffrey Moss

“You can change your life by choosing a worthwhile goal and sticking to it, tenaciously!”


Source: “Revitalise Your Business. Guidelines for new leader-managers” and “Secrets for New Managers”, first published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand.  “Business Secrets” and “Secrets for New Managers” published by Cengage Learning Asia and by McGraw-Hill Australia. Also available as e-books from and VitalSource Bookshelf.
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