Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 90 – Build Your SELF-ASSURANCE


You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. If you have confidence in yourself, others will too.

          Life’s battles don’t always go to the strongest or the fastest person, but sooner or later the person who wins is the one who thinks they can. To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality.

          Some people are self motivated; others are motivated by encouragement and some by set-backs making them stubborn and determined to succeed.

          Self-assurance comes from a feeling of well being – it’s a state of mind. It grows from positive thinking, training and knowledge.

Five of the best tips to build your self-assurance

* Accept responsibilities

          Accept new challenges.

          Never decline a job because you are not sure if you can do it. How will you know until you try? Give things a go!

* Master new skills

          Continually upgrade your skills and learn new ones, especially improve your communication skills, such as networking, public speaking and clear writing.

          Perform in public by joining a debating or a Toastmasters club, a drama group, or a choir. Such skills will help build up your confidence and your self-assurance.           

* Join clubs or worthwhile voluntary organisations

          You can gain new skills outside your work by taking on responsibilities in social, service organisations or in sports clubs.

          Make an effort to meet new people and chat to them. Ask them leading questions, such as “Where did you grow up?” , “Where did you go to school?” , “Who do you work for?” and so on. It will help build your confidence by meeting and chatting with others. Networking skills are very important.

* Self evaluate

          Treat mistakes as lessons learned. Self – evaluation is a great way to build skills to gain confidence. “What mistakes did I make?” “How can I do it better next time?”

* Travel and attend international meetings

          Travelling will help build your confidence and your self-esteem because you will be challenged to cope with all sorts of unusual challenging situations.  

          By attending international events you will meet many new interesting people. You will see the world through new eyes and gain the ability to cope with future unusual events.

          If you have confidence in yourself, others will too.

Geoffrey Moss

“As your confidence increases your competence increases.”


SOURCE: “Secrets for Success. This book could change your life”. First published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and by Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as a hard copy and as an e-book from

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