Another Handful of Tips 50 – Advice from Achievers

Another Handful of Tips 50 –

Advice from Achievers

Five of the best recommendations from achievers

Many people are under stress as they have a limited amount of time to cope with their daily tasks and the electronic and media pressures.

As this is Blog 50 in this series I have selected five of the best tips from the book “Secrets for Success”.

Follow these tips to have a less stressful and more successful life.


1. For peace of mind, ration your time

Make the time to think, the time to dream and the time to plan.

Plan each day in advance but set aside time for interruptions, thinking and socialising.

Identify your most productive hours of your working day and keep them available for your high priority tasks.

2. Keep both body and mind active

Your health is your greatest asset. Look after your body, have regular check-ups, eat healthy foods and take regular exercise.

Continuously upgrade your skills and keep seeking new information. Qualifications and skills are easy to carry around and you must keep up-to-date.

3. Accept responsibilities

Set high standards and offer more than is expected.

Learn from your mistakes. It is rare to be successful without failures along the way.

4.Don’t procrastinate when problems arise

The longer you put things off the harder they become.

Make your mantra .”Do it now!” “Do it now!”

5. Be sensitive to others, honest and modest

The ‘Golden Rule’ is the key to success. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Geoffrey Moss

“Success is based on imagination, ambition and the will to work.”

Secrets for Success Cover

Sources: “Secrets for Success. This book could change your life”, “Secrets for Success” published by Moss Associates Ltd and Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from


Secrets for Success (Asia and Amazon) Cover


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