Another Handful of Tips 65 – Self-awareness

Another Handful of Tips 65 – Self-awareness

Five of the best tips to improve relationships at work

Become a better manager or leader by building your self-awareness.

If you are keen to do a better job and continue improving, think about some of your last performances. Be honest with yourself and be objective.

Some people believe they can do everything. ‘Self-awareness managers’ and leaders are aware of the fact that they lack some of the necessary skills. They keep looking for ways to improve attitudes in the workplace.

1. Continually evaluate your performance

Every time you do a job, whether it be running a meeting or giving an instruction to team leaders, ask yourself these simple questions.

“What did I do right?”
“What did I do badly?”
“How can I do better next time?”

Record your answers to remind yourself about ways to improve next time.

2. Try to imagine how others see you

When you last gave instructions to staff were you neat and tidy? Did you seem confident and well organised?

Think about some of your actions. Were you successful or could you have done better?
Were you grumpy? Did you smile? Did you leave your staff keen to co-operate and full of confidence about their work?

3. Know what you don’t know

Accept the fact you have certain deficiencies.
Realise there are areas you have little expertise in. Seek out people or build a team to help you fill in the gaps.

4. Monitor your impact on others

Because so much work is about relationships, knowing how you affect others is critical to your leadership skills.

Look for clues that you are building sound relationships. How do people treat you? Are they relaxed and treat you as a friend or are they nervous when talking to you?

5. What habits annoy others?

Get feedback from colleagues about any habits or mannerisms which irritate others.

Often direct questions asked at a social gathering will get an honest reply. Coffee breaks or chats at the water cooler are good places to get informal feedback.

“Can you suggest ways we can get a better response from our meetings? My style seems to upset some people.”

” Can you suggest how we can get more co-operation and support?”

Self-awareness is the starting point that leads to self-improvement.

Geoffrey Moss
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